3rd.bro.samDecember 27, 2015

The next spotlight will be on the middle brother of The Siddiqui Brothers in Cairo, Jafar Siddiqui.

“Jafar was an excellent astronomer and an even better drinker. He simply loved life and everyone in it. He had almost a cherubic look about him, which made him easily forgiven when he engaged in his diabolical mischief making. He never hurt anyone, just vexed them to no end.” – The Siddiqui Brothers in Cairo

Jafar is another rock star scientist during the Golden Age of Islam and brother to Omar. Like his brothers, he is one of the elite astronomer astrologers of his day. Yet, he always remembers to have fun and enjoy the raucous journey that is his life.

At the same time, he values integrity and sincerity. He has no problem assisting his brothers uncovering and foiling an assassination plot against the vizier. Nor does he shy away from championing a young, deserving, female scientist. Of course, he doesn’t shy away from charming her, either.

Later, he discovers a mysterious and wondrous power that he doesn’t understand or even want. This power throws jinn and fairies into his path. He navigates the unusual circumstances thrown his way with aplomb that is just part of the Siddiqui way.

This is Jafar Siddiqui. Another golden ray of light like the age he hails from.

Until next time… look behind and beyond the veil…