Sam.fatherDecember 20, 2015

In my upcoming work, “The Siddiqui Brothers in Cairo,” the main characters are Omar, Jafar, and Nasir. The three are rock star astronomer astrologers and progressive men of their time.  In the coming weeks, I will be doing a character spotlight on each brother. The first spotlight will be on the eldest, Omar.

Omar was beautiful and charming, and he knew it. He was tall with olive skin and had the demeanor of a man who effortlessly achieves everything his heart desires. He was also highly intelligent. This combination of charm and brilliance made him like the stars he spent his evenings studying and admiring.” – The Siddiqui Brothers in Cairo

Omar is a rock star scientist during the Golden Age of Islam. He is amongst the elite of the astronomer astrologers of his day. He holds his own with the intellects and hoodlums of his society.  Like his brothers, he suffers no fools gladly. He will treat anyone as an equal and finds all worthy of his respect, unless they prove otherwise. Omar loves and fights with the passion of a poet and the pragmatism of the true man of science he is.

He is the undisputed leader of the Siddiqui brothers. He loves and supports them. He fights alongside them. When Jafar and Nasir are uncertain of the paths they will follow, Omar offers a supportive shoulder or a kicking foot.

Omar adores his love, Amiran. He will fight with fury when his ladylove, a known courtesan, is disparaged because he knows what she does is not who she is. He admires and encourages her independent spirit and will, even if what she wants does not align with what he envisions.

Although not a judgmental or religious man, he abhors the corruption he witnesses in Imam Mustapha. When he and his brothers uncover a plot to assassinate the vizier, he has no choice but to assist in foiling the plot with his brothers.

This is Omar Siddiqui. As golden as the age he hails from.

Until next time… look behind and beyond the veil…