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As we all know, life is a series of simple but simultaneously complex notions. Compassion, humility, love and a host too numerous to mention here get qualified, exaggerated, or even discounted when our egos gets involved. Human beings complicate these issues every day.  “…But the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13) This simple emotion gets unbelievably convoluted. Love is to our hearts what air is to our bodies. You don’t intentionally pollute the air you breathe – unless you’re a member of a corporation and it makes you money, but I digress – Why would you disregard love? Everyday people speak love but their actions are the opposite of love, and everyday people accept those actions that are not loving in the name of love. If you love someone, your actions towards them should be loving.  To me, love is freedom: freedom to be who you are and allow others to do the same.

Love is suffocated when fear is present. How many times do we fear those we love? Fear is the ultimate shackle. You don’t shackle who and what you love. Many religious people say, “I’m a God-loving, God-fearing person.” I suppose what they fear is wrath and punishment. Newsflash people:  Someone who truly loves you doesn’t want to punish you.  Divine beings are not angry. They have no reason to be. Further, I’ve known people who have gone their whole lives fearing at least one person in their home. They’re afraid of making the person angry or disappointing them so they tailor their actions to make them feel comfortable. Controlling your behavior or allowing someone else to control your behavior is not love. Treading around a loved one like you would tread around a minefield chips away at the spirit. Real love nourishes the spirit’s growth.

In the name of love and growth, people criticize those they love but neglect to tell them when they are doing something positive. “I just want you to be better,” is the phrase that’s been thrown at me my whole life. When I am told that without positive reinforcement, that tells me that who I am to begin with isn’t good enough.  That’s not love.

Love isn’t just the feelings you have inside or the words you speak. Those feelings need to be coupled with actions that are loving and accepting. Love without expectation is truly freeing. Unconditional love, support, and compassion are all components of real love. Love that is given with condition, control, and judgment underlying it is illusion.

Until next time… look behind and beyond the veil…