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As a product of middle class suburbia, I adhered to what it meant to be American and the promise of the American dream. At one time, I clung to the “land of the free,” “home of the brave,” “leaders of the free world,” ideology. I would watch the news of places like India and see uneducated villagers blindly follow their politicians as if they were gods. Or, I would see brawls between members of Parliament in the Ukraine. Again, at the time, I saw American politics as somehow being above that kind of nonsense. Our politicians and our people overall are more educated, and those kinds of problems mainly occur in developing nations. In other words, I believed the arrogant hype that the Western world has peddled over the past century.

What I have been seeing lately in the political arena is the stuff B-movie political thriller or satire, in many cases is made of. The larger, more dismal question is: am I witnessing the disintegration of a republic?

Our elected officials only selectively uphold our Constitution and espouse such divisive, ignorant rhetoric that belies any education they may have. This nation’s conservatives have unleashed an unprecedented level of disrespect to President Obama, going so far as to block his Supreme Court nominee, which is his Constitutional right to do. He’s been called a liar in Congress and has been blamed for everything from ISIS to Donald Trump.

Now, Michelle Bachmann is blaming Obama for the terror attacks in Belgium. She even goes on to assert that his “…humiliation comes in a manner so devastating it makes one wonder whether the creator of humankind is reminding this world of the inferiority of foolishness in the face of wisdom.” Even God doesn’t approve of Obama. Really?

Last time I checked, separation of church and state existed. How many times has this woman and other right-wingers evoked God’s name and Jesus’s name in their rhetoric? Furthermore, Jesus taught about love and light. How does someone talk about Jesus and then spew hatred? Michelle Bachmann and others have shown their hypocrisy by doing just that.

Our 2016 Presidential Election is revealing the worst sides of the candidates and the American people. Both Republican front runners, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are preying on the xenophobia and fear of the American people, emphasizing their anti-Islam, anti-immigrant agendas. Has anyone stopped and thought about how Ted Cruz is the son of Cuban immigrants? Then again, many Germans didn’t think about how Hitler was a quarter Jew. Speaking of lack of thought, has it occurred to no one that Trump isn’t saying much about what he will do in office, other than ban Muslims and build a wall?

This is the problem here. Apparently, many are not thinking for themselves. Instead, they are teeming with arbitrary reactions and finding ways to blame the President for the ills of a changing world. Assigning blame is an effective smokescreen to avoid allocating responsibility where it really belongs: decades of war-mongering and poorly thought-out policy.

Conservatives are so busy impeding President Obama’s agenda that they refuse to acknowledge how they are hindering the country. They have blocked legislation that would benefit Americans just to oppose the President. Sadly, many Americans are too busy letting their elected officials do the thinking for them. They are so blinded by the meaningless rhetoric they keep electing the same representatives who put their interests aside in favor of lobbyists and corporations.

The general public seem to be so easily misled by slanted media and self-serving politicians they miss real issues. They miss how we can take cues from other developed nations who have lower poverty rates, lower crime rates, real environmental protections, and other policies that actually benefit their people.

This is why I am disappointed in the events I see that could lead to the disintegration of this republic. For a young country, we have made great strides, but there are those who obstruct that progress for their own selfish agendas.

Think for yourselves, people. Leave the blame game behind and take responsibility for your own fates.

Until next time… look behind and beyond the veil…