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In the time of the Siddiqui brothers, the world enjoyed prosperity. It was literally a golden age with great advancement in literature, science, philosophy, medicine, and many other subjects. Jafar, Omar, and Nasir were in the middle of it, relishing it all. They were gentlemen and scholars who loved learning just for learning’s sake.

It has been over 700 years since they left this plane. From the other side, they’ve enjoyed watching the progression of humanity. However, many times, they have observed regression, as well. From what they have observed, it’s always for the same reason: fear. Fear of the looming threat of an unconquerable enemy whose sole purpose is destruction for all who represent what’s good in the world. This perceived threat has been the cause of the demise of many a great empire in the world. The inevitable, indulgent excess doesn’t help, either. They never put too much energy into judging others when they were in their bodies, and they don’t judge from the Other Side.

However, the 2016 US Presidential Election is most intriguing for them. On one side, some of the most fearsome, frightful hypocrites have brainwashed large groups of the masses with the promise of “making America great again.” On the other side, you have two possibilities for “firsts.” It’s a staggering dichotomy for the Siddiquis, but one they have enjoyed watching and discussing.

Omar: The Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump has called for a ban on Muslims but has conducted copious amounts of business with Arabs, who the majority of which, when last seen are Muslim. Their money is good enough for him, but they’re too dangerous to be in the country?

Nasir: Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are both Latin immigrants but want to curb immigration. They support legislation that benefits corporations but goes against the American worker. How can you do that when your parents were workers? You’re above that now, so you forget where you come from?

Jafar: Hillary Clinton would be the first woman president and Bernie Sanders would be the first Jew. That shows some expansion in thinking. Yet on the other hand, there are those who would still have slaves and think that freeing them was a mistake! The wonder and destructiveness of human beings never ceases to astound even over a period of centuries!

Omar: True brother! Remember in the early part of the 20th century where you had the leader in Germany talking of a “master race?” His alienation and eventual mass murder of Jews, homosexuals, mentally challenged, and anyone else he deemed unworthy or dangerous followed. It seems that that history is repeating. All because these leaders who should know better prey on the fears of the people. It’s a shame that even as centuries pass this fallacy has continued to be prevalent.

Jafar: Doesn’t this Donald Trump character remind you of that brute Genghis Khan a bit? No interest in diplomacy or education, just wants to pummel everything in his path? He even has the wild hair! That world is still a frightening place in some ways! Weren’t we lucky to live in the time we lived in?

Nasir: We weren’t so bothered with Jew, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, and the like. We learned from each other for the greater good. So many times, we adopted each other’s ways. All we wanted to do was move forward, and it didn’t matter where the knowledge originated from. These people in the world now; they seem to want to go backwards.

Omar: Across space and time, the good and the wise have to speak. I think they will.

Jafar: Glad we moved on!

Nasir: We’ll still learn, teach, and have the fun we’ve always had! Let them make the same mistakes over and over again!

Until next time… look behind and beyond the veil…