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When Jafar was comfortable with his otherworldly powers, he met a fascinating being. Celestial beings can take many diverse forms. Most who interact with and aid human beings choose a human form. One such being was Larymea, spirit guide to Zahra.

From the first visual of Larymea, Jafar knew she was spirit. Of course, instinctually he knew what she was, but when he saw divinity in her eyes, he was certain. Larymea was a presence, a beautiful one, also, and Jafar always noticed a beautiful woman.

When she approached him, he knew right away that she wanted something from him. These spirits always want something from me. Let’s see what this one’s after. He thought to himself.

He darted into a side street because, even though all of Cairo knew of his skill with expelling jinn, he avoided speaking to spirits in the presence of others. Since they can’t see what he sees, he saw no reason to draw any more attention than he already received.

“Hello, Good Spirit! What do you require of me?” He saw no need to be anything other than direct. Spirits have no need for sugary language. Circumstances are either are or they are not. They are well aware of this.

“I am Larymea, spirit guide to Zahra. My mortal has been taken hold of by a jinni. I seek your assistance.”

Jafar became serious right away. The sole function of a spirit guide is simply to guide. They are not permitted by the Divine Creator to intervene. Only a human or another jinni can expel jinn. Jafar had to act right away.

“Where is Zahra, now?” he asked, concern in his voice.

“Home with her mother. She knows it’s a jinn and has already seen Imam Haroun, but it has to be you.” He was acquainted enough with the spirit world to know that whatever has to be must be, and no questions need to be asked.

He went with Larymea. Hafiz, his guiding jinn came along, literally out of nowhere (well, the Other Side actually). No one spoke. First, Jafar went to his own home and got his ether and other supplies. After that, they went to the little girl’s home.

When Jafar arrived at the house, Zahra’s mother welcomed him with tears in her eyes. He took her hands in his and told her he would take care of her daughter. He went to the veranda of the house. Zahra was there. She made noises that almost sounded like growling. She couldn’t have been any more than eight years old. For a short moment, Jafar had a glimpse of the little girl inside the body. She looked up at him and said, “Help.” Then, she was gone again. Jafar knew the jinni was toying with him. This angered him, and he rarely got angry. Whenever it was a situation where children were involved, he was invested. He was able to distance himself with adults, but not with children. They were his vulnerability.

Despite that, he maintained his composure. He spread the ether around the little girl, who lunged at him. Using the strength of his own light energy, he threw her off him. Then, he tied her to a pillar with rope. As strong as many jinn are, Jafar’s energy was always stronger. Humans who are blessed with spiritual gifts are always stronger than jinn. Armed with this knowledge, Jafar was seldom afraid. In this case, he was only afraid because he didn’t want to hurt Zahra, who wasn’t even in control of her own body.

He positioned his hands in her direction. Some people with his ability have the spiritual energy in their hands. Some have it in their eyes. Some even have it in their breath. Jafar had impressive energy in his hands both physically and energetically. He employed much of it in this case. This jinni wanted to hold on to this girl, and he wasn’t giving her up.

They struggled. Jafar was bounced around like a ball. Larymea and Hafiz casually observed. Although Jafar knew it was not permissible for them to intervene, he still couldn’t help but think: Would the universe collapse if they helped me even a minute amount?  He had no choice but to release that thought. He fully understood his missions had to be completed by him, without the direct assistance of the divine beings in his life.

Finally, Jafar overpowered the jinni. He was a grayish green color, with the broad chest and shoulders of a man. He was bald at top and at the bottom, he was only a stream of green air. Jafar put him in his copper jar. He would release him to a safe area later. He fell to the ground and stayed there. He said a prayer of protection over the girl. As always, he was energetically spent from the expulsion.

He looked up at Hafiz. Hafiz walked over to him to him and shot a ray of light into him. He stood up right away. He walked over to Zahra and untied her. She was unconscious, so he placed her on a couch.

Larymea walked over to her mortal. She glanced over at Jafar. She put her hand on her heart and gently nodded once in his direction. He nodded back in her direction.

Jafar and Hafiz left the house and returned to the home he shared with his brothers. He rarely spoke of his encounters with jinni with them, and they rarely asked. Like everything else he felt he was meant to do, he did it and kept moving. He never saw Larymea, again.

Until next time…look behind and beyond the veil…