He was the baby brother and was never allowed to forget it. His small, clean-shaven face and sensitive nature sealed his doom as being perpetually seen as a child by his brothers. Yet there was nothing childish about him when there was a brawl or anything else that needed handling. He was as capable as Omar and Jafar, a fact they were well aware of and called on when needed. –  The Siddiqui Brothers in Cairo

Like his brothers Omar and Jafar, Nasir Siddiqui is one of the finest astronomer astrologers of his age. The quickness of his wit matches the quickness of his mind. Like his brothers, he takes religion in moderation and will not suffer fools in those matters. Beautifully irreverent, he scoffs at the rigidity that surrounds him, “I really think the creator of the universe has other employment than to worry about whether or not I forget to say ‘Al-hamdu Lillaah’ after I sneeze.”  If the words are on his mind, they are very likely to come out of his mouth.

The youngest Siddiqui is as complex and intriguing as his brothers. At the same time, he is the quiet strength of the group. He can be counted in on in any given situation. In Shaherazade’s Daughters, he helped save his friend Ezania’s work from being sabotaged. Usually unexpectedly, he manages to embroil himself in adventures he cannot extricate himself from, easily. It is Nasir who involves the brothers in thwarting and exposing the corrupt Imam Mustapha. Later, he becomes the unsuspecting prey of a relentless fairy. Yet somehow with the help of his brothers, he navigates his way through it all.

However later in his life, tragedy and heartache seize and overwhelm him. Veering away from his true self, he manages to hurt those he loves the most. When he crosses to the other side, he must examine those decisions and make a decision himself. What will he decide?

Experience another treasure of the Golden Age of Islam… Nasir Siddiqui

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